About Us

Co Founder

Joel Tudor



Our smooth skin wetsuits protect against wind chill and provide a  clean and minimalist design aesthetic.

Based on the feed back given by our Amsterdam customers worldwide, we are now striving to construct a safer and more user friendly wetsuit built with the most up to date and environmentally sound materials available, at the same time maintaining our high quality standards.

By consistently monitoring our customer's feedback and needs, we strive to build both functional and well cut wetsuits.

We are proud to announce our new eco-friendly wetsuits in the JT and TC models.


In 2016 we decided to do everything possible in these suits to provide a wetsuit that used both environmentally friendly, non-toxic materials and adhesives.


Many users with allergies and/or sensitive skin have problems with many of the wetsuits currently on the market.


Our new JT and TC suits use a new water based glue that contains no toxic chemicals such as toluene which has been shown to cause cancer in lab studies. All of our seams are butt laminated to provide an elastic smooth non-irritating surface.

The JT wetsuit also features a synthetic fiber lining that is hypo-allergenic.


The TC model is unlined. Additionally our new revolutionary water based glue is more flexible, which allows our wetsuits to be more comfortable than suits made with traditional solvent based adhesives.


The revolutionary JT and TC models are made in Japan with traditional high Japanese quality.

Help yourself and help the environment with JT and TC wetsuits from Amsterdam Wetsuits.